Weekly Challenge: Now

With my family not being in the same state as I am, my holidays are usually not spent in the traditional manner  – surrounded by family, exchanging presents etc.   So on those days when the rest of the non-single, with family world is hanging by the tree, I go in hunt of nature.


I was going to put on the yule log (they have one that is streaming this year with a cat and dog – and I got sucked into it – even though I have a fireplace and two cats of  my own), suck down some hot peppermint chocolate with whipped cream and poodle about my place having a relaxed Christmas.

As usual I got bored – so I had read that High Falls state Park was unable to lower their lake (which they do each winter) due to the severe rains Macon Georgia had had.  I took that as an opportunity to jump up – run around – find my tripod and jump in the car for a 90 minute ride.

Alas I did not check my equipment – (when I got there the tripod was broken)  but it would not have matter.  The rapids were so rough that, as I wanted a long exposure on the water, there was no way I could get anything as a subject without motion – the water was moving the trees as well.  In the end I loved this one – it looks like a water painting (which I do want to try and when I do I will be able to make the tree not blurry 🙂 but was amazed at how this tree and others didn’t get crushed or ripped up.  They moved and bent and went with the flow and are still standing.  That felt like my NOW on Christmas day.   Very few people have a life without adversity – how they choose to deal with it determines if they remain standing in the end or not.


Long exposure 1st try

So I thought I’d try a long exposure in the daylight.  As usual most of these endeavors of mine are on the spur of the moment and not well thought out.  the good thing about that is that I see a new place, try a new thing and learn for the next time.

falls2So I was on vacation today and decided to go find waterfalls.  I did so at High Falls State Park Georgia.   I had read up on it and realized I needed a ND (neutral density lens) … I do not have one yet – so I went anyhow.  So these are not the best but – considering I had no tripod and no real filtering lens (I used a lens from a broken pair of sunglasses that was in my car) – not to shabby.   I think I could have gotten away with the make-shift lens if I had the tripod.  Not only is it necessary for long exposures – but these older hands simply need help sometimes …  A bonus regular exposure shot is shown as well – very pretty park if you have not visited it, it is about 80 miles south of ATL and I plan on becoming a frequent flyer.