Not so warm Georgia

Well it is much better than my old home New Jersey.   As of yet (fingers crossed) no snow or ice, but you can find some icy spots if you look.  And one of the things that makes photography interesting is how you can make something look like a scene that is a bit different than what it really is.  This picture is of a small man-made waterfall outside of a restaurant, but looks like the banks of an icy stream.


Serene Ripple


Well, this was my second try at getting a water droplet.  And yet another fail – however!  I’m happy with the shot I did get.   I think this is a good ripple.  I used a blue bowl on top of a black velvet shirt, with an orange salt lamp to give a litle light behind it.   I like that it is clear where the water is stable and that I got some depth with the ripple.   Not what I was going for – but a good result (I think).   This one was taken with my Nikon DSLR.  While I don’t have a water droplet by intent, I did get another photo that essentially had a bubble rising – but as I only get to post one a day – I liked this more 😉