Not so warm Georgia

Well it is much better than my old home New Jersey.   As of yet (fingers crossed) no snow or ice, but you can find some icy spots if you look.  And one of the things that makes photography interesting is how you can make something look like a scene that is a bit different than what it really is.  This picture is of a small man-made waterfall outside of a restaurant, but looks like the banks of an icy stream.


Spring is Starting!

ImageOK, so here’s the deal, I said I wasn’t going to sandbag photos – however, I have been working 17-20 hour work days for the past three days – so I have missed some shooting time.  This photo is a legit 3/5 photo.  3/6 and 3/7 will have to be goodies from the past.  I will make separate posts for each day so I keep up.  Nothing amazing about the bud – I was using a macro setting and the focus is mostly what it was.  I did add a bit of saturation and a bit more diffusion with a filter.  This is the 1st bud of spring – hoping to get some more spring budding shots on Sunday.