snowy day and wildlife is miserable

Well I thought I’d try a Haiku – pretty sure it’s awful 🙂

huddled in the storm
staying small, fighting the cold
outside life is hard


Snice (my term for snow and ice) came to Georgia today and while most folks hit the grocery store for bread and milk, I went for coffee, chocolate and bird seed.   The birds (and squirrels)  were all over the feeder in the most lousy weather.  Everyone trying to get food and trying to stay a bit warm.



Bird, Snow, Ice


So as I said yesterday – stuck still, and probably not moving until tomorrow evening.  Good news is that for all the stuff that came from the sky over the last two days, the trees are clear, the snow is off my roof and because I did a bit of shoveling the drive is dry.  But I went out this morning when it was still snowing and stayed in a corner of my yard for about 15 minutes for the birds to get used to me being there so they would come to the feeder.  This little guy had to get into the snow to get his seed.  The two remaining pictures, 1st one is of and iced branch but I did succeed in getting snow fall surrounding it.  I do have one other that had pretty good snowfall too – but liked this one best.   The last is a snow ladened tree and I just really liked the way the branches looked.  Tomorrow I’m assuming that everything will flood 🙂 – went up on a ladder today to clear out the gutters of ice as water was just pouring down over the gutters creating a flood by the base of the house, tomorrow night’s forecast is for rain.  I am ready for spring!




flowers in the snow


So yet another storm hitting Georgia, this time I’m snug in my home – not stuck on 75.    Knowing it was going to snow today I picked up some flowers in the supermarket yesterday.  After there was some snow fall I tried several different shots – haven’t quite figured out how to stop snow on camera yet – but did get some good shots of the flowers ;-).  I do have a couple of the other shots shown below.  One of the things I haven’t quite figured out is how to take pictures in the weather and protect my camera – so need to do some research on this – cause I’m sure holding my jacket over the camera and praying it stays dry is not the appropriate method.  But both I and cameras are fine.

My experience with Leon

So, this may or may not be the only text blog I post ( I do post comments with the photos so take a look at those :-)), On Tuesday the 28th, I got caught in Leon.  Now I’m from New Jersey – and have to tell you that 2 inches, 3 or even 4 wouldn’t make anyone bat an eyelash in Jersey.   So when they told me it was snowing in Acworth, I was like – so what – am I supposed to go running around like a lunatic – now I know the answer to that is YES.  The state of Georgia simply CANNOT handle snow!

So I left mid-town Atlanta at noon.   Route 75 was three blocks away from my office.  At about the hour mark – I was seriously considering turning around and staying in the city.   But I thought to myself, self I said … this has to clear up when it hits the highway – there just can’t be an issue with 2 inches of snow.

WRONG again …., I basically got onto 75 on exit 249.  At about 7pm (7 hours later) I had gone just about 10 miles.   I had successfully gone up at least 4 hills where I pretty much had to aim directly at other cars to get my truck out of a stuck position.  The last hill I tried to get up – was the Akers Mills Road exit in the FUBAR’d area of exit 258/259.  My poor 15 year old, rear-wheel drive, no weight in the back, manual transmission truck – — just couldn’t do it.

A gentleman came up behind me and attempted to get it up the hill.  When that didn’t work – magically – there was a police officer behind me.  That office took me to the nearest hotel.  That was the end of that part of the journey.

The hotel was the Embassy suites and I cannot say enough good things about how they handled the onslaught of people coming into their hotel.  I couldn’t get a room (neither could 25-40 of my closest highway friends)… However, they gave us blankets and pillows and allowed us access to their evening buffet and breakfast buffet which is normally reserved for guests only.   I couldn’t sleep at all – and basically was up from 5 a.m on Tuesday morning until 8 p.m Wednesday night.   The only reason I made it home Wednesday night is that a NJ friend saw my facebook post and called all around Georgia until she found a taxi service that could get me home Wednesday.  Now bear in mind the whole time I’m worried – not for myself cause I’m safe and sound, but for my kitties at home (they were fine).   That same taxi service got me back to my car on Thursday thus ending my 1st experience with Georgia snow fall.

I have learned MANY lessons; I need emergency planning for care of my pets; need to have some emergency stuff in my car but — most of ALL, if they ever predict snow in a 75 mile radius of where I live – I am taking a vacation day!