Daily Post – Mirror

Lake Acworth has provided me with a lot of my favorite photos, but when it comes to reflections and mirror images – this is hands down my favorite – my go to !  I had to use it for this Daily Post challenge Mirror



OK, thought I would toss in a couple more, first a shot of the Cobb Performing Arts building – with me applying some post production in adobe.


Then  my snoopy – after all everyone is doing it – selfies in the mirror.


Reflections and birds


So back to my lake 🙂 … The 1st photo is a pretty neat reflection of clouds on the lake.   One of the goals I have for the end of this 365 journey is I would like to be able to take a really great “bird in flight’ photo.   The photos below are not yet in that category.  I’ve got 3 OK ones and one pretty good one, but I have learned things today.  A) I’m only going to be able to get a great picture if the bird is flying straight at me and they were not cooperating today!  B) I think I need to actually get myself on the water in a bird migration path so I can take hundreds of pictures and get lucky – as my hands are not as steady as they once were and C) tracking autofocus is a good thing.