Migrating Plane


OK, so yesterday (Thursday) I had bupkus (sp?) except a picture of geese flying in formation and a plane.  So opportunity to practice photo editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements 12.   I finished the 30 day trial and purchased it as it is about the lowest priced, decent photo editor out there.   I am apparently getting obsessed with trying to get bird shots unfortunately being obsessed with something doesn’t make you good at it.

What Ice cream?

Snoopy and ice cream
and you think you had a bad day?

So perhaps not the best photo shop, but this is a 365 day journey.  So I started tonight out with just the thought that I wanted to capture melting ice cream.  I went to the store and got some cheap ice cream for the picture (and some higher quality ice cream for me 🙂 )   When I had that done I then wanted to try to pick up some other photo shop skills.  I did learn a lot about layers and selections, so a good experience session for me and hoping to get better each time.