Been too long, you might not recognize my face

since I have posted – have to get back in focus.    I went to gibbs garden this week for the Japanese festival.  There was a dancer who was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive.  Every time there was a new client – she would put on the face of that client – this went on until she realized he wasn’t coming – so pic one is one of the many faces.  Then the other thing I like is getting there while dew is still out.  Played with a new camera and got a nice glimmer off of a dew drop on a bridge.

faces waiting
faces waiting


Farewell to (backyard)) birds

I don’t often share feelings but I’m rather upset.   I am in a community that has an HOA.   Now that HOA (I have found out) actually prohibits feeding birds.  What it doesn’t prohibit is my next door neighbor buying a pellet gun and proceeding to kill innocent birds.

Once he began doing that I ceased feeding the birds, I won’t essentially bait the birds for him and his target practice.   So – I (and my kitties) will no longer be able to enjoy the colorful, beautiful birds that came to our yard.  I won’t hear their song any more and my cats will now be bored as there will be no activity outside their window when mom goes to work.

I’m very upset and all I want to do is sell this house and leave so I can find a place that lets me care for nature instead of allow people to kill nature.  So I’m putting up a couple of my more recent photos as they’ll be the last in my back yard.   I’ll have to find a new place to see and enjoy birds.

Long exposure 1st try

So I thought I’d try a long exposure in the daylight.  As usual most of these endeavors of mine are on the spur of the moment and not well thought out.  the good thing about that is that I see a new place, try a new thing and learn for the next time.

falls2So I was on vacation today and decided to go find waterfalls.  I did so at High Falls State Park Georgia.   I had read up on it and realized I needed a ND (neutral density lens) … I do not have one yet – so I went anyhow.  So these are not the best but – considering I had no tripod and no real filtering lens (I used a lens from a broken pair of sunglasses that was in my car) – not to shabby.   I think I could have gotten away with the make-shift lens if I had the tripod.  Not only is it necessary for long exposures – but these older hands simply need help sometimes …  A bonus regular exposure shot is shown as well – very pretty park if you have not visited it, it is about 80 miles south of ATL and I plan on becoming a frequent flyer.