the best photo is not always in front of you

I’m not sure where I heard that, but once I did that statement reminds me to not just look ahead, but behind and up and left and right.  And then do so again from a higher or lower level.   I love the look of this fall tree that looked very pretty in its colors looking at it straight on, but was more beautiful (to me) from directly beneath looking up.


After the storm


So I am now firmly in the camp of understanding if I want a bird in flight pic, my Nikon will not do …. it simply doesn’t have the zoom, however I do like the (after filter) painting feel to this picture – so I’m Ok with it.   And after the storm and the snow melted I did get a little ground bird visiting my yard so thought I’d show him off too.   Not sure if I will get back to the lake tomorrow – I got very distracted with a new piece of software that I’m playing with on animating my cat for work  (I do get distracted with bright, shiny, new toys :-).  If I don’t get to the lake, I may give Chewie some dedicated exposure time because he is the most photogenic (not that I’m biased) of all my 3 kitties.