Reflections and birds


So back to my lake 🙂 … The 1st photo is a pretty neat reflection of clouds on the lake.   One of the goals I have for the end of this 365 journey is I would like to be able to take a really great “bird in flight’ photo.   The photos below are not yet in that category.  I’ve got 3 OK ones and one pretty good one, but I have learned things today.  A) I’m only going to be able to get a great picture if the bird is flying straight at me and they were not cooperating today!  B) I think I need to actually get myself on the water in a bird migration path so I can take hundreds of pictures and get lucky – as my hands are not as steady as they once were and C) tracking autofocus is a good thing.

Foggy Day at the Lake

365-017a 365-017d 365-017c 365-017b

So when I got up this morning it was very foggy – not sure how long foggy would last before becoming just cloudy I hopped (OK moved rather quickly) out of bed and ran (OK drove) to the lake.   While I did say that I would not bank photos I didn’t say I wouldn’t post more than one a day.  So my photos aren’t really (at least I don’t think they are) blurry – this was a heavy fog.

  • The 1st one is of a crane and I enhanced that a bit by just contrast and darkness.
  • The second is just to show camouflage at its best – a little sparrow in the fog surrounded by forest floor brown.
  • The third I tried some temperature adjustments and saturation
  • The last is as is of the fog and the trees