pink snow

From Monday night on, we have had heavy winds and driving rain.  things flying by my window had caught my eye, but it wasn’t until it dried up (for a moment) and I went to add seed to the feeders that I saw it.  Just about all the blooms  had been stripped of the crab apples and laid in a layer on the lawn.   Covered it so much that it looked like snow – just pink.


Still Springing

So today was one of my favorite types of days – sunny, breezy – cool enough to mow the lawn without sweating but still OK to sit out side in the sun.   Sat for 2.5 hours with the cats today and none of us wanted to come in.  But, as they don’t help clean the house or pay bills – I had to make the call to come in (not well received by any of us).  But so many things are in bloom – my crab apple and this plant that I planted last year in a window box – I do not know what kind it is anymore.  One of the things I like about photography is that when you crop something or zoom in – you see things that you didn’t know were there – I didn’t know these leaves had (for lack of a better term drawing a blank here) hair – there was also as string on the plant that I didn’t see when photographing.