Chewie gets the holiday spirit

So this is my 1st video post and not intended to be a great cinematic effort (or even decent).  Apparently I drive Chewie to something when I sing – I’m not sure if it is happiness or outrage.  However, if you turn it up you will see that he joins in the song when I take a pause – he may be telling me to shut up – I’m just not sure.

Christmas Card 2014

So every year I have my holiday card as a photo of my cats.  This year I went all out and made a winter wonderland in the back yard.  While I was putting it together the cats were very interested – meowing inside not able to wait to get outside.  Once I got the camera up and was ready for them, I let them out – they then had zero interest — uggghh.  So the 1st photo is that of the very Christmassy set up that I did – the second, the picture I ended up with for the card.   Sometimes I wish my cats were dogs, it would be so nice to say “sit” and have them do so.  Oh well.