Daily Post – Mirror

Lake Acworth has provided me with a lot of my favorite photos, but when it comes to reflections and mirror images – this is hands down my favorite – my go to !  I had to use it for this Daily Post challenge Mirror



OK, thought I would toss in a couple more, first a shot of the Cobb Performing Arts building – with me applying some post production in adobe.


Then  my snoopy – after all everyone is doing it – selfies in the mirror.


slowly I turn

folks that remember abbot and Costello,  the three stooges or I love lucy may remember this skit.  But in kitty language stalking is truly inch by inch.   My little beastie (who would actually never eat a bird, unlike snoopy hunter), is attempting to sneak up on the bird – which by the way – was on top of the playhouse that the kitties can’t reach.  I’m feeling this to be a chewie week in posting 🙂 so ready up for kitty pics.


HDR, not so good with moving subjects

I knew it wouldn’t go well, because on my camera the bracket exposer takes about one second.  That does not seem long – but to a cat and a wood pecker, staying still that long will simply not happen.  Luckily my software has a ghost removal feature, but it does come at a loss of quality.   So here are 2 shots, kitty and wood pecker.  I added a paint quality to Chewie because of the blurriness of the photo – hoping for a soft quality.