surprise quail

So not the best pics, but I’ve been to the botanical gardens before and saw the sign that said live quail and finch noises.  I guess I thought that meant recorded live noises (perhaps not one of my more intelligent moments!).   But someone pointed out this fellow (or lady I have no idea of quail gender)  As this was actually the 1st live quail I’ve seen, posting the pics regardless of quality 🙂


Botanical gardens tourist shots

Sometimes you also just have to take the pictures that the places you visit expect you to.  On my trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens today, they had several additional HUGE topiaries.  I’ve got 2 here – the orangatang and the frog.  I really like both of these, if you haven’t seen the topiaries last year – make sure you get there this year.  And the roses are still blooming! And there is (and I may post one each day) a sculpture of the four seasons, I found these to be very good.