Warming fire for the holidays

It is very cold here today in Georgia, and although this is not my fire (I’m a bit paranoid about lighting my own fireplaces), this was a nice and toasty blaze when visiting the botanical gardens last week.   I may put this on my TV with background music instead of the yule log this year!  Also thought I’d share the lights of a toy train coming at me.





Botanical gardens tourist shots

Sometimes you also just have to take the pictures that the places you visit expect you to.  On my trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens today, they had several additional HUGE topiaries.  I’ve got 2 here – the orangatang and the frog.  I really like both of these, if you haven’t seen the topiaries last year – make sure you get there this year.  And the roses are still blooming! And there is (and I may post one each day) a sculpture of the four seasons, I found these to be very good.





A tree grows

I’m not overly fond of working in a large city … but occasionally nature just jumps out at you.   These trees were laden with flowers.  I’ve not yet become an intrepid photographer – on my way up 75 yesterday there was a grove of multi-colored trees and I just didn’t have the guts to try and pull over to take a pic, I absolutely have murphy’s luck when it comes to doing anything that isn’t strictly obeying the rules, I know I would get a ticket – maybe some day 🙂

In the interim I am learning how to take quick photos out of a truck window (only when stopped – no distracted driving for me!)