So a couple of takes on Chaos, for the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge on Chaos.

I’ve mentioned ICM or intentional camera movement before and one of my favorite places to do this is in gardens.  I was a bit disappointed this time as there was still an abundance of green  – so not much color to work with (foliage in general is bad this year due to drought in Georgia.   My first picture is the ICM – and hopefully the second is finding a way to make art (lofty term) out of chaos.



This last one is just a chaotic garden shot, there is so much foliage and stuff going on here – I almost didn’t save it – but it’s very cluttered aspect intrigued me.

daily post – edge

here is my contribution to … the edge

I had said in an earlier post (makes it sound like I post frequently), I have been doing some post production.  So I’ll give both – the actual photo then my editorial vision 🙂

This series is some more shots of the from the cobb energy center.  2 photos with before and after



The next before and after, i feel the cropping and change of black and white with just a strip of color make the building feel horizontal rather than vertical



Daily Post – Mirror

Lake Acworth has provided me with a lot of my favorite photos, but when it comes to reflections and mirror images – this is hands down my favorite – my go to !  I had to use it for this Daily Post challenge Mirror



OK, thought I would toss in a couple more, first a shot of the Cobb Performing Arts building – with me applying some post production in adobe.


Then  my snoopy – after all everyone is doing it – selfies in the mirror.


Post Production – baby steps

I have had adobe photoshop for years now, however have done very little except brightness, contrast and some included filters.  I am however taking a udemy course – tip here – when getting close to Christmas (November timeframe) I have found groupon gives great deals like$15 per course, on getting the best out of black and white.   So I am trying different things now, using layers to have repeated effects, taking those pictures and using multiple software – like photomax essentials to enhance further.  So my next couple of posts will be photos that have been enhanced.   This first one was of an iris I had.   I used a layer to removed the color, then a gradient layer to get more crisp blacks and white, then did a mask to delete a color portion of the photo.   Hope you like it.  Constructive feedback is always welcome!