beach again

Just hopping on quickly – work is nuts (again) and will be for the next 4 weeks.  But I did manage to eek out a vacation before the insanity begins again.  Now – I do need to go somewhere other than the beach – and I have plans for late fall (Niagra falls), but this was a quick getaway and my toes need the surf!

This time I did get more sun than rain (helps to not go in hurricane season).  But there was some wind which contributed to my friends bad hair day


And tried my hand at a long exposure – not of water this time!


And I do have to do the required sunrise shot





it’s been a while

From a work perspective, the time from October 1st until just about now is insane.  So blogs, social media and general life maintenance gets put on a back burner.   When I get a breath, I find things such as, having forgotten to renew my car tag (going on Monday), having to get caught up on vet visits – my Chewie and Snoopy which I would continue to not remember this one – and taking the tree down (I swear it’s coming down this weekend).

However, I also start to get out again.  Having got caught in Georgia’s snow disaster in 2014, I waited with baited breath this past time to get some good shots.  There was zero snow on the ground, but we did end up with ice again.  This has made for some interesting shots.  I did go out in general to shoot in black and white rather than just applying the layer in post production, but got some color too.  Here are some of my favorites.


Post Production – baby steps

I have had adobe photoshop for years now, however have done very little except brightness, contrast and some included filters.  I am however taking a udemy course – tip here – when getting close to Christmas (November timeframe) I have found groupon gives great deals like$15 per course, on getting the best out of black and white.   So I am trying different things now, using layers to have repeated effects, taking those pictures and using multiple software – like photomax essentials to enhance further.  So my next couple of posts will be photos that have been enhanced.   This first one was of an iris I had.   I used a layer to removed the color, then a gradient layer to get more crisp blacks and white, then did a mask to delete a color portion of the photo.   Hope you like it.  Constructive feedback is always welcome!


Long Exposure and Moon

This past summer solstice I decided to take some photos in my new area – I had to move as the commute from Acworth was a killer to mid-town Atlanta.   So now I’m right near the Chattahoochee River.   This week I’ll put out a few photos of my new nature digs.  This one was taken with the full moon and I used a full 13 seconds of exposure – so my longest yet.  One today and one tomorrow.


Farewell to (backyard)) birds

I don’t often share feelings but I’m rather upset.   I am in a community that has an HOA.   Now that HOA (I have found out) actually prohibits feeding birds.  What it doesn’t prohibit is my next door neighbor buying a pellet gun and proceeding to kill innocent birds.

Once he began doing that I ceased feeding the birds, I won’t essentially bait the birds for him and his target practice.   So – I (and my kitties) will no longer be able to enjoy the colorful, beautiful birds that came to our yard.  I won’t hear their song any more and my cats will now be bored as there will be no activity outside their window when mom goes to work.

I’m very upset and all I want to do is sell this house and leave so I can find a place that lets me care for nature instead of allow people to kill nature.  So I’m putting up a couple of my more recent photos as they’ll be the last in my back yard.   I’ll have to find a new place to see and enjoy birds.