it’s been a while

From a work perspective, the time from October 1st until just about now is insane.  So blogs, social media and general life maintenance gets put on a back burner.   When I get a breath, I find things such as, having forgotten to renew my car tag (going on Monday), having to get caught up on vet visits – my Chewie and Snoopy which I would continue to not remember this one – and taking the tree down (I swear it’s coming down this weekend).

However, I also start to get out again.  Having got caught in Georgia’s snow disaster in 2014, I waited with baited breath this past time to get some good shots.  There was zero snow on the ground, but we did end up with ice again.  This has made for some interesting shots.  I did go out in general to shoot in black and white rather than just applying the layer in post production, but got some color too.  Here are some of my favorites.


Daily Post – Relax

I moved to Georgia 4 years ago now – seems like yesterday.  And while I have found many places here to enjoy, Gibbs Gardens, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, high falls state park and the Chattahoochee River to name a few – I am now and will always be a jersey girl.  However (aside from  the beach which is my #1) I have always considered my happy place to be Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania ( @longwoodgardens ).  This wonderful area changes it’s holiday displays every year has more acres than I could ever cover and even when busy – you can always find a place to be alone.   So some of the shots I like are shown below.   While I have a lot of photos – this is the one place I stop shooting and just breathe – it’s how I Relax