flowers reflected in black

I think anyone that does photography eventually hits many sites.   To date I have posted on  yourshot.nationalgeographic, eyeem,, gurushots … and facebook such as Photofocus readers (my favorite).  what I have found on all of these is that they give me ideas.  I think I’ve only sold one photo, but I have learned a lot.

one of the things I recently saw that I wanted to try was to get a reflection on a black background.  I saw a lot of these types of photos on gurushots and thought it would be difficult.  Now I’m not great and only did one shoot so far, but here are my results.    This is the page that showed me how to do it …


Daily Post Reflections Challenge

Well after reading the challenge I should be finding a reflection that made me think deeply.   I’ve sworn off thinking deeply for a while 🙂 My boss was out, I was doing my job and her’s and she’s back now.  For the next couple of weeks I am just going to be very surface and catching my breath.   So …. no deep thoughts – just some of my favorite Reflecting pics

Hope you enjoy

my first one – guess I did learn something after all, I visited the state park twice, the first morning this marsh area was filled with water – so no wading birds.  The second time it was low tide, so reflecting birds – timing is everything.


Always one of my favorites, I can’t get a reflection thread going without my Acworth lake at sunrise


And water lilies are always great reflectors.


And last – water drops – my favs


Daily Post – Danger!

It was not I in danger.  However a very observant lizard perceived danger – from me of all people!!

And to prove that some pictures just happen.  I had passed this little fellow and would never had seen him had my lens cap not dropped right next to him.  He had wedged himself between two boards on the bridge I was walking across.   Presumably to hide from the giant crossing the bridge.

I took his picture as my toll and let him go about his business as I went about mine.

Danger! Averted.