Graceful – Challenge

That’s a big word.  I couldn’t settle on one idea of grace for the Daily Press Graceful Challenge/

Literally full of grace, could be a church


Moss hanging off old southern trees move gracefully in the breeze


And these two are having a graceful dance between themselves


3 thoughts on “Graceful – Challenge

  1. I'm sure you can get around this set back!In my neoghbirhood, no cars are allowed to be parked on the street overnight at all. They patrol the street every two hours and ticket anyone parked on the street past midnight! Rules Rules RulesMake sure when you write your formal request, that you include the fact that you will be keeping the external appearance of the garage intact (not removing the garage door). I would think that they are a just as concerned with the appearance of garage conversions, that just having two more cars parked on the street.


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