So a couple of takes on Chaos, for the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge on Chaos.

I’ve mentioned ICM or intentional camera movement before and one of my favorite places to do this is in gardens.  I was a bit disappointed this time as there was still an abundance of green  – so not much color to work with (foliage in general is bad this year due to drought in Georgia.   My first picture is the ICM – and hopefully the second is finding a way to make art (lofty term) out of chaos.



This last one is just a chaotic garden shot, there is so much foliage and stuff going on here – I almost didn’t save it – but it’s very cluttered aspect intrigued me.

7 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Beautifully done all round. I really like the abstract vibe of the first two shots, and the myriad colours in the last. All of them full of life. Hope you had a good time wandering around the gardens. It looks like a great sunshine day 🙂

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