daily post – edge

here is my contribution to … the edge

I had said in an earlier post (makes it sound like I post frequently), I have been doing some post production.  So I’ll give both – the actual photo then my editorial vision 🙂

This series is some more shots of the from the cobb energy center.  2 photos with before and after



The next before and after, i feel the cropping and change of black and white with just a strip of color make the building feel horizontal rather than vertical



Daily Post – Mirror

Lake Acworth has provided me with a lot of my favorite photos, but when it comes to reflections and mirror images – this is hands down my favorite – my go to !  I had to use it for this Daily Post challenge Mirror



OK, thought I would toss in a couple more, first a shot of the Cobb Performing Arts building – with me applying some post production in adobe.


Then  my snoopy – after all everyone is doing it – selfies in the mirror.