My first One Photo Focus Before and After

I wanted to do one of these before and after on the One Photo Focus blog, and may have not picked the right month for a first attempt 🙂 I wanted to do a lot my first time out and attempting to grab just the ship and put it elsewhere proved very challenging.   A lot of grey sky with grey ship lines.    So first I attempted to isolate the ship as much as possible in photo shop.  Then I had to change my base photo because it had too much color and I was never going to fully be able to clear those line/sky aspects completely.   After I had to change that direction I decided to add a heron.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted a huge heron, and “in perspective” heron, or a small one so I compromised on a little on the bigger side but not monster size

Because this wasn’t going to be my best work due to difficulty – I then added filters in photomax essentials in order to hide some of the less than great edits.




The After

Kate Illes One Photo Focus September


8 thoughts on “My first One Photo Focus Before and After

  1. If this “wasn’t going to be [your] best work” then I can hardly wait for next time. I always am amazed by people who can use photoshop or a similar app to isolate and reinserted images into a different base photo. Amazing! I love this!

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