Post Production – baby steps

I have had adobe photoshop for years now, however have done very little except brightness, contrast and some included filters.  I am however taking a udemy course – tip here – when getting close to Christmas (November timeframe) I have found groupon gives great deals like$15 per course, on getting the best out of black and white.   So I am trying different things now, using layers to have repeated effects, taking those pictures and using multiple software – like photomax essentials to enhance further.  So my next couple of posts will be photos that have been enhanced.   This first one was of an iris I had.   I used a layer to removed the color, then a gradient layer to get more crisp blacks and white, then did a mask to delete a color portion of the photo.   Hope you like it.  Constructive feedback is always welcome!


My first One Photo Focus Before and After

I wanted to do one of these before and after on the One Photo Focus blog, and may have not picked the right month for a first attempt 🙂 I wanted to do a lot my first time out and attempting to grab just the ship and put it elsewhere proved very challenging.   A lot of grey sky with grey ship lines.    So first I attempted to isolate the ship as much as possible in photo shop.  Then I had to change my base photo because it had too much color and I was never going to fully be able to clear those line/sky aspects completely.   After I had to change that direction I decided to add a heron.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted a huge heron, and “in perspective” heron, or a small one so I compromised on a little on the bigger side but not monster size

Because this wasn’t going to be my best work due to difficulty – I then added filters in photomax essentials in order to hide some of the less than great edits.




The After

Kate Illes One Photo Focus September


Daily Press – Rare

my contribution to the weekly post of “Rare”.  Now hummingbirds themselves may not be all that rare.   My ability to catch one in a photo is.  When I was walking through the gardens at first I thought I was just looking at a large butterfly.  Then I noticed who the visitor was and tried very hard to snap the busy bird.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Legs …. Legs and feet … by extension are toes included?  Some of the easiest places to see legs and feet are near water.   My vacation in surfside gives me three views.  The first a random walker whom the gulls don’t seem to mind (they always run from me).  The next I see frequently at the shore – a gull on one leg.  And lastly – my first thing I do every time I go to the shore – is get my toes in the sand.

whoops one more – a very aggressive tiny dog and his people’s legs.