Daily Post – Unstoppable

I have been pretty much a photo poster in word press.  I do think I would like to start looking at writing, but don’t expect polish for a year or so :-).

Soft life for Kitty
A choice or adversity
Outside is the best

OK, very bad and obviously not an earnest attempt at haiku.  My snoopy is only unstoppable when he chooses.  He is a scaredy cat – having gomain ctten attacked by a dog early on – but his happy place it outside.  As I won’t let them out without me being actively watching them at all times, the most he can get is an hour.  It is his joy and even through this weather – he didn’t come in on his own, I had to bundle up and drag him in.  They said he was a ragdoll, but at 15 pounds and with a waterproof tail – I think they lied – I believe more maincoon  as he is really loving the snow and would have stayed out til he was frozen …. unstoppable (when he wants)



Long Exposure and Moon

This past summer solstice I decided to take some photos in my new area – I had to move as the commute from Acworth was a killer to mid-town Atlanta.   So now I’m right near the Chattahoochee River.   This week I’ll put out a few photos of my new nature digs.  This one was taken with the full moon and I used a full 13 seconds of exposure – so my longest yet.  One today and one tomorrow.