Egret at State Park

so it’s that time where you may have to suffer through vacation pictures.   I am back from South Carolina and had a great time even though it was raining just about all the time, so it’s vacation pic time!.   This is one of my favorites and egret in the state park (at least I think egret – I’m not the best birder)!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur

I’ve added a couple more photos to this post – this was my first challenge I believe and thought I should only post one.    I saw this photo challenge and thought – at last!  a place for all those photos I love – but would perhaps not be considered “good” photos.  So while I routinely clean out my – less than good – photos, I have held on to a couple of blurred ones because, quite simply, I like them.   The challenge is here


this one is my favorite because of the blur and the lighting I think of this as an angel bird.


This one I like because I doubt I’ll get another shot an a hummer 🙂

And this last one is intentionally blurry with the ICM technique


Sitting by the park bench.

Yesterday was a lunar eclipse and I missed getting photos because – Hey I live in Georgia and it is either rainy or cloudy on every celestial event.  While I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of it, I was behind the wheel with no way to pull over for the 4 minutes is was visible.   Oh well, make lemonade.

So I chose to go to my favorite spot and get lake shots.   I took this one as a HDR shot and after getting home and pulling the 3 exposures together, there was a lot of great detail on this one that actually brought the bench into focus as the main part of the photo.  so I capitalized on that and did a bit of digital editing.   Hope you enjoy.

empty park bench at sunrise at the lake
empty park bench at sunrise at the lake