Safety first … keeping an eye out for cats

So this two-legged creature is very nice.   They put out food for us birds – and nice food too – no shells just seed!  but then she will come out with 3 four-footed creatures.  I have seen these before and they love to chase us birds.  So I have taken to following some safety procedures.


1st this is this little structure that has an opening in it I can hide in.  This is very close to the food.  So I come out of the tree and hop into this opening and keep an eye out for a while.  When it is safe, I swoop in.


then, after I have eaten my fill (or if danger appears), this same structure has a nice bolt hole I can hop into where the four-legged ones can’t get at me.


Christmas Card 2014

So every year I have my holiday card as a photo of my cats.  This year I went all out and made a winter wonderland in the back yard.  While I was putting it together the cats were very interested – meowing inside not able to wait to get outside.  Once I got the camera up and was ready for them, I let them out – they then had zero interest — uggghh.  So the 1st photo is that of the very Christmassy set up that I did – the second, the picture I ended up with for the card.   Sometimes I wish my cats were dogs, it would be so nice to say “sit” and have them do so.  Oh well.




the best photo is not always in front of you

I’m not sure where I heard that, but once I did that statement reminds me to not just look ahead, but behind and up and left and right.  And then do so again from a higher or lower level.   I love the look of this fall tree that looked very pretty in its colors looking at it straight on, but was more beautiful (to me) from directly beneath looking up.