surprise quail

So not the best pics, but I’ve been to the botanical gardens before and saw the sign that said live quail and finch noises.  I guess I thought that meant recorded live noises (perhaps not one of my more intelligent moments!).   But someone pointed out this fellow (or lady I have no idea of quail gender)  As this was actually the 1st live quail I’ve seen, posting the pics regardless of quality 🙂


All about the Jay

Not sure how well photos will go this weekend it is a busy one.  I’ll be taking photos for a friend who is pregnant and also digging up a spot to put my feeder.  I love watching the birds and so do the cats but it is a mess!  want to do a six by six area of pavers with the feeder in the middle – so basically this weekend it may be before, during and after photos 🙂  but for tonight – got a pretty Jay and I just really like the way he is standing in the one.  Blue Jays have many looks when you see them either sideways, from the back or standing like this one.  This is the same Jay in the tree and he looks tiny by comparison from when he is standing.