White Throated Sparrow

So I’m getting caught up on this weeks photos – I must admit – A finding it hard to get to the blog every day -so have been doing bulk posts on the weekend.  AND not too sure about getting pics during the week.  When you are at work (or commuting to work) from 5 to 5 or 6, spend an hour or so out with the cats, have to eat dinner and get ready for the next day – other than backyard pics I’m finding it hard to get out during the week.  So posts may be boring – have to figure out a way around that 🙂

So this guy is a new visitor – now I’m not a bird snob, but when I first saw him I was like – oh, another sparrow – pretty but don’t need a picture – but then saw the flash of yellow over his eyes.  I also found a good site (so sharing) with lots of bird pics which is how I identified this guy – https://www.flickr.com/groups/birdshare/pool/


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