Ikebana and snoopy

I have a lot of stuff in my head and not enough time to get to it all. This morning I refused to get out of bed until I realized I has a small opportunity to mow before rain falls and doesn’t stop falling.   After I mowed the lawn, I looked at the crab apple and decided to bring in some outdoors to the indoors.  Then I remembered an Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) demonstration I saw and decided I wanted to do that rather than just throwing the branches into a frame.

Well anytime I decide to do something new and interesting I get help  Snoopy (remember he is so named, not because he reminds me of Charlie Brown’s dog, because he is incredibly nosy).  Now I have not read much on it beyond seeing the demonstration – but that’s how I roll.  When I first start something I just go do, then I do the research and refine it.  The first pic is just me throwing the branches together in some fashion I thought was pleasing.   I then decided to at least google it for a bit more understanding.  However, while I was googling – Snoopy was snooping.  Once I googled – I refined the piece into something I like that flows more along the lines of what Ikebana should be (nowhere near good).

What I like about the final piece is that it reminds me of either a mother and child, or a pair of dancers.  With the stronger presence standing taller and holding out protective arms around their partner.








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