Chewie Day

So I’ve recently posted some pics of Snoopy and Skittles – it’s Chewie’s turn.  Today was busy getting yard work done.  My 1st pic is before any work was done but made me realize that Chewie needed grooming.  Typically when he tries to groom himself and can’t get the hair off his tongue – that’s a trigger for me.  I don’t usually post – post grooming pics because I suck at it and he looks like a lunatic go to him – luckily for me – he has no ego.

The second is apparently inspecting my after look – with the fresh pine straw put down.  And then last is him enjoying the finished product by napping by the flower box.




flutterby fun

I think these came out pretty good – considering – there was quite a breeze and this butterfly was not settling in anywhere – he never stopped moving.  I actually like the one where you don’t see all of the butterfly – it looks to me like a brightly colored fabric got caught up in the flower – hope everyone likes the pic.


bashful blue

OK, so NOT great pics – however, when I started with a cardinal – lousy pics; when I chased the blue jay – lousy pics but those got better.  And now a new guy! – I haven’t looked him up but I’m putting money on the fact that he is a blue bird !!   Now that he has started visiting – I’ll get better pics of him if he comes back – I’m patient.