Happy Geese

So I basically took a week off of media.  I did continue to take pics, but tried my best to swear off the computer (non-working hours); social media and TV.  I was not 100% successful – but made a good faith efforts.  So I’m basically getting caught up on 8 days of posts.  There is an abundance of bird photos – I do seriously need to get out more!  I do not yet have it scheduled but I have purchased a balloon ride, so hopefully I’ll come out with some good photos from that.  But where I left off was with an unhappy goose story, so I ran into these two when out to get breakfast – nice to see a happy couple.  I just really liked the way his (I’m guessing – I didn’t ask if I could check – and if I could check I wouldn’t know what I was looking for on a goose??) neck was curved


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