Moon Madness

OK, so I was torn as to what to post today.   That dang Cardinal is still messing with me – but I got some semi decent pics – I’m not posting them – I’m going to basically stalk him this week.  I also go what I think is my most favorite pic of a tufted tit mouse (I got the ibird identifier app 🙂 )   But today I was surprised – I took a day time photo of the moon.  I thought it was a nice pic, but then I put on some small adjustments – basically contrast and darkened it up a bit.  I think that I forget that digital changes really can be enhancements – not manipulation.   These small adjustments brought out so much more detail in the photo than I originally saw and I wouldn’t have seen this if I hadn’t decided to get a closer look.  So you get the moon and my TTM. 






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