Alright – guess it’s official… I am the batty bird lady – especially since I got the new feeders with a bath last week – I love kicking back in my backyard and trying to get birds. These were taken today – so I’m back on schedule. I am still trying to get the shy cardinal to stop being wussy and annoying. I swear that, after sitting outside for 2 hours, 5 minutes after I come in – he’s at the feeder. However – I’m flexible. As I was sitting there I heard the pecking. The 1st tree he was in was too far away – the second much closer. So I’ve got a couple of shots of him and one of another bird (I have to restrain myself from posting 20 bird photos in each post!). A side effect of all this backyard sitting is that I’m getting more acquainted with the individual bird songs (and sounds). I can always tell when a robin is around cause I hear (and so does Snoopy) thrashing on the ground).




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