Bird, Snow, Ice


So as I said yesterday – stuck still, and probably not moving until tomorrow evening.  Good news is that for all the stuff that came from the sky over the last two days, the trees are clear, the snow is off my roof and because I did a bit of shoveling the drive is dry.  But I went out this morning when it was still snowing and stayed in a corner of my yard for about 15 minutes for the birds to get used to me being there so they would come to the feeder.  This little guy had to get into the snow to get his seed.  The two remaining pictures, 1st one is of and iced branch but I did succeed in getting snow fall surrounding it.  I do have one other that had pretty good snowfall too – but liked this one best.   The last is a snow ladened tree and I just really liked the way the branches looked.  Tomorrow I’m assuming that everything will flood 🙂 – went up on a ladder today to clear out the gutters of ice as water was just pouring down over the gutters creating a flood by the base of the house, tomorrow night’s forecast is for rain.  I am ready for spring!




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