Kennesaw Mountain


so went to Kennesaw mountain this morning.   My first time there and had a good time.  I worked with some various manual settings; took some landscape shots; some war memorabilia, but what struck me is that everyone was out with their pups.  So, weekends you can get more than one pic :-).  What I have today for the “photographs” are a landscape shot of Atlanta from the top of the mountain, did some contrast and brightness adjustments.  Then one with no modifications of tree bark – I put this one in here because I swear I can see an eagles face and beak in the bark.  The remaining pics are what I call …. the dogs of Kennesaw mountain.  I met an Australian Shepard named Foster; a Boxer named Laney – who looked so happy all the time till I actually snapped the picture.  She now looks like someone took her birthday away 😦 … Also met a pit bull and another pup but I don’t know that breed.  Folks were very nice when I asked to snap their pets.  Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow – Botanical Gardens is having their Orchid Daze so might visit that – I love Orchids!

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