What Ice cream?

Snoopy and ice cream
and you think you had a bad day?

So perhaps not the best photo shop, but this is a 365 day journey.  So I started tonight out with just the thought that I wanted to capture melting ice cream.  I went to the store and got some cheap ice cream for the picture (and some higher quality ice cream for me 🙂 )   When I had that done I then wanted to try to pick up some other photo shop skills.  I did learn a lot about layers and selections, so a good experience session for me and hoping to get better each time.

Serene Ripple


Well, this was my second try at getting a water droplet.  And yet another fail – however!  I’m happy with the shot I did get.   I think this is a good ripple.  I used a blue bowl on top of a black velvet shirt, with an orange salt lamp to give a litle light behind it.   I like that it is clear where the water is stable and that I got some depth with the ripple.   Not what I was going for – but a good result (I think).   This one was taken with my Nikon DSLR.  While I don’t have a water droplet by intent, I did get another photo that essentially had a bubble rising – but as I only get to post one a day – I liked this more 😉

Perhaps Cat in Vase


So not sure if it is just me that sees the cat face in the blood orange.  I took this one on day 2 of my 365 journey.   Wasn’t quite yet in the swing of things and when I remembered I needed to take a picture, it was wet and almost dusk.  But I went outside and gave it a shot.  I was worried about the camera getting wet; juggling an umbrella to keep it dry and trying for a water droplet on a tree.  It came out lousy.  So I started poking about the house and got a blood orange and my 2nd favorite vase.  When I took the picture I was just hoping for something that looked interesting, but as I looked at it, it started to look to me like a fat Siamese cat.  Maybe it’s just me 🙂