Snoopy and the Butterfly


OK, so I’m sure this is an obvious photoshop effort.  But that is part of what I want to get good at.  A long time ago I used to think that photos that were edited weren’t “real” photos, but now I see so much creativity out there that it is apparent digital editing is also an art form and very much so requires a person to be creative.   This wasn’t overly creative on my part.  The Snoopy part of the photo was just snapped with my Galaxy S4 camera phone; I used fotor to put it into black and white.  Then used Adobe Photoshop elements 12 (I just got the free trial version to start with), to add the butterfly from another pic.  I have to use photoshop a lot more to figure out how to get cleaner merges on photos, but this didn’t come out bad for the 1st effort.

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