Lady of the Lake


So, technically I’m still following the rules LOL.   I’m sticking with having a picture tied to a specific day and no sandbagging … but this was taken on January 2nd (so after I started blogging), but I really like this one.   It may not be photographically perfect, but as I’ve gotten older I did decide there are two types of photos, those that I consider a piece of photography and those that are memories.   The Holiday Light show at ABG this year was great.  They had several of the huge topiaries from the 2013 exhibit all decked out in lights.  And this lady qualifies as both because I (probably looked a bit weird) I had a little 3 inch tri-pod, and was using my timer and various settings to learn about photographing items in low light.  In the end to get this one – I caved and used the camera’s auto night scene setting.

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