Chewie on “his” deck


OK, so most likely you are going to get sick of the amount of pictures I show of my cats, but until the warmer weather – they are captive; cute and cuddly.   So this is Chewie, this was taken with my Canon PowerShot SX50 HS which I love as a camera.  When I came to Georgia the house had a little log cabin (in neglected shape) as a play house and it has a little deck.   Chewie likes his creature comforts and would rather sit on the deck or his scratching platform rather than in the grass.  OK he might be a bit spoiled.

Chewie Kat always takes great pics and so, is my favorite subject.  In later shots I’m sure you’ll see my Snoopy Kat, with him a ton of digital negatives have hit the floor – but I do get better pics with him on the Nikon.

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