Daily Press – Rare

my contribution to the weekly post of “Rare”.  Now hummingbirds themselves may not be all that rare.   My ability to catch one in a photo is.  When I was walking through the gardens at first I thought I was just looking at a large butterfly.  Then I noticed who the visitor was and tried very hard to snap the busy bird.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Legs …. Legs and feet … by extension are toes included?  Some of the easiest places to see legs and feet are near water.   My vacation in surfside gives me three views.  The first a random walker whom the gulls don’t seem to mind (they always run from me).  The next I see frequently at the shore – a gull on one leg.  And lastly – my first thing I do every time I go to the shore – is get my toes in the sand.

whoops one more – a very aggressive tiny dog and his people’s legs.






Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

This is a great challenge if for no other reason it keeps me from being stale. I’m not the most organized person in general. my home while clean is cluttered, I constantly look for routine things (keys, wallet, phone, cats) but I am organized about my photos.

So they are ordered by year, then folder. I have folders for Gardens, Pets (sub folders by pet name), Nature, Buildings, Family – and then I have this magical folder called Miscellaneous ….

It is this folder that actually represents my creative side and me searching for new subjects. I was looking around one day and found the spirit ball. I liked the bubbles inside but it wasn’t until I started shooting that I saw the divider screen behind it gave some depth to it. Enjoy


Daily Post – Unstoppable

I have been pretty much a photo poster in word press.  I do think I would like to start looking at writing, but don’t expect polish for a year or so🙂.

Soft life for Kitty
A choice or adversity
Outside is the best

OK, very bad and obviously not an earnest attempt at haiku.  My snoopy is only unstoppable when he chooses.  He is a scaredy cat – having gomain ctten attacked by a dog early on – but his happy place it outside.  As I won’t let them out without me being actively watching them at all times, the most he can get is an hour.  It is his joy and even through this weather – he didn’t come in on his own, I had to bundle up and drag him in.  They said he was a ragdoll, but at 15 pounds and with a waterproof tail – I think they lied – I believe more maincoon  as he is really loving the snow and would have stayed out til he was frozen …. unstoppable (when he wants)